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The Bubble 1x6

“We were in the middle of a conversation about the novelist David Mitchell. I had to make some distinction! I had no intention of being cute!!”

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Remember that short film about Leo, the blind Brazilian teen who falls in love with the new guy, Gabriel? And remember how they went ahead and made a full movie? I just finished watching it, and it’s so great!! It’s 1 hr 30 mins of family drama, friendship, and queer kids figuring out their feelings. GO FORTH & MAKE YOUR FREE TIME EXCELLENT.

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Finally watched this today. So good.

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gonna watch some HISTORICAL FICTION gonna become EMOTIONALLY INVESTED gonna learn TRUE FACTS gonna get PUMPED gonna go to the LIBRARY

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RT Life Presents: Happy Hour #1

If you only choose to watch one Rooster Teeth video in your entire life, choose this one. Please.

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Fidelity by Leftover Cuties
originally by Regina Spektor

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5 Seconds of Every #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit From 1993-2011


I can hear the exact moment I hit sixth grade.

The greatest part of this is gradually beginning to recognize more and more songs

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this is the most amazing thing ever yOU CAN HEAR PEOPLE’S TASTE IN MUSIC SLOWLY CHANGING

It was all nice songs and suddenly “HEY, LOOK AT THAT THANG! YOU GOT A NICE PACKAGE GONNA RIDE IT TONIGHT” and i totally lost it like what

Apparently I stopped listening to music after college. o.O I knew the really early stuff from when I was a kid, recording to cassette from my TV every weekend during the VH1 Top 21 countdown, but later stuff, lolnope.

This is superfascinating (to me, at least). I knew all except about 7 songs through 14:30 (and could probably sing all of them in their entirety. God, it’s creepy. Brain, we could use that space for FAR MORE USEFUL STUFF. Like PASSWORDS). After that? I knew like a HANDFUL. Which looks like it perfectly coincides with when I went to college and never listened to a radio station that wasn’t playing 60s music. And when I was in college that was a weird period where I didn’t have cable and the world was pre-youtube, so if you weren’t listening to the radio still, there weren’t many places to STUMBLE across new music. I was on mp3s only, and I wasn’t about to go seeking out stuff I didn’t know and take a decade to download it. I listened to bands I knew, and things directly put in to my hands by friends, which wasn’t usually top 10 stuff.

Then there’s an ever so slight uptick around 2007, which would be when I was living at home, and so had television again. Then it drops again, and it just gradually rises as everything shifts to the internet and streaming services (as I still don’t have cable, and only hear the radio in my parents’ car).

Mostly it’s just scary that all these songs that like, the shit I will go on and on about loving when I am old and grey IS ALREADY CONFINED TO THE FIRST HALF OF THIS TRACK. I’M ALREADY THAT OLD.

But, goddamn, did Mariah Carey rule the 90s.

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